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Production Questionnaire
1. What are the U.S.A. Diving regulations for diving well depth and board installation?
2. What are the expected loads or forces generated by a diver on the 16' boards?
3. What are the pull-out test results for the Durafirm bronze deck anchor?
4. What should the thickness of the concrete deck be?
5. What deck anchors can be used for existing decks?
6. Do I need to provide electrical grounding for the board and stand?
7. My diving board is making an unusual noise. What should I do?
8. What model of handrails should I select?
9. Can I add handrails to a Durafirm stand that does not have handrails?
10. Is it necessary for the handrails to extend to the pool edge?
11. Can I get removable handrails?
12. My stainless steel handrail tubing is rusting; why?
13. What is an approximate expected life of Duraflex diving boards?
14. Is there a weight limit of people who can use the diving boards?
15. My Duraflex board is cracked. What causes cracks, and what should I do?
16. My Duraflex board tracks to one side during use; how do I correct that?
17. Can I change the Durafirm stand from a Duraflex to Model B mounting position?
18. Can I make a Durafirm Short Stand into a 1M stand, or the reverse?
19. Can I lock the fulcrum in a full-forward position to reduce the spring?
20. Do I need a mounting kit to bolt the diving board onto the support structure?
21. Are swivel assemblies the same as Durafirm hinges?
22. Can I mount another manufacturer's board on a Durafirm stand?
23. My Durafirm adjustable fulcrum doesn't move when I turn the footwheel. How can I make it work?
24. I want to re-finish my Durafirm Stand; how should I proceed?
25. Can I get a board in another color? Or a stand in another color?
26. My board was more springy when it was new; does the spring wear out?
27. Why can't I order a one-meter stand without handrails?
28. How do I store my diving board?
29. Is it true that repeated bouncing on the board before diving into the water will cause the diving board to break? Is that why Pool Managers post signs prohibiting "double bouncing?"

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